Other SEO Tricks & Services You Shouldn’t Forget in 2014

It has been a crazy ride for SEO services company. With the shift and updates Google has made on its algorithm, becoming clever on your SEO strategies is no longer just a necessity but also a priority. Failing to adjust to the changes made by the search giant would cause mayhem to any business website.

SEO services company

While content marketing is still the name of the game, with social media, redefined guest blogging and whatever what-not strategy that is part of your SEO list coming second, there are also other factors you shouldn’t forget in 2014. What are they? Let’s figure out!

  • Take mobile user seriously. Smartphones and tablets dominating laptops is old news. Hence, you should have already made an emphasis on mobile marketing. It is time that you consider the fact that around 60% of end users use mobile devices to go online and this is expected to increase in the coming years. With this, your website should be mobile-optimized. If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, it’s time that you do it now or go bust with your SEO technique.
  • It’s all about quality not quantity of links. While the cliché before is to amass as many backlinks as you can, it is no longer the case now. Yes, link building still matters to any SEO strategy but it has been redefined. You can no longer purchase cheap links and point them directly to your pages. This will only hurt your website – big time. What you need to do is to focus on good content marketing and acquire quality links from there. You also need to make sure that the sites where you get the links from are valid and have high authority.
  • Improve your Google+ presence. In a study recently published by Moz’s, Google+ is now an increasing factor to search engine ranking. As a result, you should start improving your Google+ presence. If you haven’t tied your contents to your Google+ account yet, it’s time that you do so. This will also help build your Author Rank.
  • Personalize. No business has become successful without knowing what its target market needs. The same thing can be said to websites. Identifying what contents appeal to your audience would be critical to your success. You also have to understand that you are going to receive different types of visitors and you have to meet their expectations. How will you do this? Personalize. Study your market. Know what they need from you and deliver. This may sound easier than other SEO strategies, but trust me; personalization is what most SEO provider forget.

Focusing on more important SEO strategies is a good thing as it is proven to bring success to any website. However, forgetting the small factors of SEO is a major no-no. You have to keep it balance by considering every aspect. This will push your website to the edges while coming prepared for the next big thing Google is about to introduce.